Welcome to 2024 International Quality Lifestyle & Property Expo

The International Lifestyle & Property Expo will be held from 2024. It will be South China's largest and most prestigious overseas property and investment exhibition showcasing projects from United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and more than 30 countries and areas and is expected to gather high quality real estate investment projects as well as providing a platform for international real estate agents, brokers and developers to intermingle and network. The success of the last show, In total, 2024 QLP events attracted 31500 visitors,with  the support of more than 80 medias and business partners and an expected visitor-ship in excess of 30,000. With the co-operation of the media and our partners, QLP will consolidate as a leading professional overseas real estate investment platform reaching out to more than half a million potential Chinese overseas property buyers in Guangdong. MORE

Exhibiting Quality Real Estate from all over the world in China

From May 10 to 12  2024, the exhibition will congregate quality projects from all over the world: from Los Angeles to Vancouver and other cities of North America, from Phuket to Malaysia and other ASEAN cities, from Hong Kong to Melbourne to London and other international cities and from Cyprus to Greece and other cities where Chinese are keen to seek permanent residency. This is the event to explore the cosmopolitan lifestyle and to meet real estate experts. QLP is not just another real estate exhibition, it is an event to link with China's new rich class and to provide an international platform for the concept of quality lifestyle such as attracting immigrants, advising on study, consulting on financial matters and professional consultation for other industries wishing to expand into China. Register as a vistor now to visother industires. Register to visit the exhibition now!


Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, or real estate developer, the International Quality Lifestyle and Property Expo is an excellent platform for you to promote your products and services to the elites in China. Real estate professionals from all over the world can reach out and promote to interested visitors and potential buyers by sharing their product information and services by participating in our seminars which will cover a wide range of topics that are pertinent to our potential visitors' demand and interest. It is one of the most effective channels for exhibitors to showcase their overseas property projects. Overseas real estate professionals can share detailed and interesting features of their products and services.Do not miss this opportunity to engage Chinese buyers!

The 30th
May 10-12, 2024

The 31th
Jun 21-23, 2024
  • “Not only we are able to sell our projects at the expo, there are many people from many parts of the···

    Peter Ling,Kozin Real Estate

  • “We managed to connect with a lot of parents with children planning to go overseas to study. They ar···

    William Wai, Director of Sales, Premier Capital Group

  • “We promoted the Holland property project. Just after 2 hours of show opening, we got 10 persons int···

    Chen Jia Ming, Marketing Manager, Midland Realty

  • “We were very successful in this event. We managed to collect a substantial number of valuable custo···

    Stacey Kong, Chief Executive Officer, KF Group

  • “As for us, this exhibition is very successful. Not only have we found investors but we also found p···

    James, the Deputy General Manager of Simonds

  • “Chinese are now one of the tourist groups to Philippines and with such exposure more Chinese are be···

    Jacky Ang, Managing Director, Twin Creation Pte Ltd

  • “We are committed to the Chinese market as we are represented by our own office in China and also ou···

    Barry Winter, Sales & Business Development Manager for China

  • “We achieved very good results when interest garnered during the exhibition resulted in the sales of···

    Mr. Zhao, CEO, New Hope Overseas Group

Cooperative partner
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  • Thailand themed events during the QLP exhibition
  • REALTING has become Qality Lifastyle & Property Expo 2020 an information partner.
  • QLP China International Property Expo: Gateway to the Global Real Estate Market
  • Hexun.com is the largest economic portal in China and will give strong support for the Guangzhou QLP. At the same time, it will be the Economic Portal Partner to promote the relevant show information.
  • China Merchant Bank, the Chinese private bank with the largest number of account holders and the best service, is partnering with Guangzhou QLP. In its internal magazine for VIP customers, The Quality Time, the bank has put up an advertisement for the GZ QLP, a write-up on the event with invitation to VIP customers to visit the exhibition. Therfore they have comprehensively promote the GZ QLP for their customers.
  • Premier Capital Group, the largest international real estate agency in China will repeat their participation in GZ-QLP with increased product range and up their presence with great service.
  • Guangzhou QLP is the sole overseas real estate and investment event supported by Hurun Report, the organization that listed the Annual Top China Richest List. By becoming the Premier Strategic Media Partner, it has endorsed the Guangzhou QLP as a comprehensive event that is of value for their “data goldmine” of high networth invites to visit and secure some overseas real estate and/or investment products.
  • Top Kafelaku Coffee Chain is the QLP Strategic Partner and will send out VIP Tickets in 30 outlets in the Pearl River Delta area. Kafelaku will energetically promote this exhibition as part of its own international quality lifestyle initiative.
  • Golf21CN , the Chinese website dedicated for golf enthusiats in China is now a media partner of GZQLP and will put huge effort to promote and invite visitors to QLP, a platform providing potential investors with good investment information and opportunities.
  • The magazine with the largest circulation amongst similar magazines of all major cities. it is now a media partner of Guangzhou QLP and will promote the QLP Expo in their magazine to the middle class via write-ups and advertisements; thus promoting international quality lifestyle to the general public.
  • The Qianzhan Website is a chinese synthetical website that develops rapidly in China.It will offer finances and economics, military affairs, societies, current politics, entertainments and other comprehensive informations . Qianzhan Website takes a brand idea, it is finds out the tendency and predicts the future. It always insists on analyzing the hot news more clearly, paying more attention to users’ reading requirements and experiences. Also, the Qianzhan Website can provide the high-end, multiple, useful massages, and original comments to the clients at home and abroad.